R2V Vertical Storage helps you to maximize use of the vertical space you have available.

The drawers open to maximum extension, which eliminates the hard-to-reach areas found in traditional shelf storage and ensures you have full access to the contents. By stacking a Vertical Drawer Cabinet on top of an existing cabinet, you gain in efficiency by using your floor space to its full potential while keeping everything perfectly organized.

To customize your storage – choose from a range of accessories: utility panels, trays, magnetic dividers, shelves and hooks.

R2V Vertical Storage is a unique system. With R2V, you benefit from efficiency gains and increased storage capacity while using your floor space to its full potential. It stands above the rest for its impressive durability, reliability and versatility.


♦  Well-organized storage makes it easier to locate items

♦  Reclaims floor space by making use of vertical space

♦  Ergonomic and secure design

♦  Drawers open to maximum extension for easy access to

♦  Compatible with a range of 5S accessories

♦  200lb. capacity per drawer

♦  Made in North America


Adjustable Tray

PVC Drawer Liner

Plastic Bins

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Our experienced Sales Team can provide the storage system & services to suit all of your needs.


For More Information:
P: 800-699-1191
E: info@vitalvalt.com

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