Military Lockers for police, military, first responders & office workers are designed to store weapons, ammo and military combat gear safely & securely.

Our locker systems are available as stand-alone units or banks of lockers side by side and back-to-back. Heavy-gauge steel & all-welded construction offer durability & security. Vented top & bottom compartments permit airflow that is essential for equipment & weapons. Drawer options roll-out for easy access, while the top compartment is equipped with heavy-duty shelving, hooks, hanger bar & functional back panel for storing weapons & accessories.

Larger locker storage system can be installed on high density mobile carriages to compact the space required for fixed systems. High Density Mobile Storage Systems create collapsible aisles with carriages that roll from side to side in your space – minimizing the amount of aisle space required.

Our military lockers are constructed for duty storage requirements. Army Brigades, Battalions and Company units rely on our locker systems to store gear and essentials securely. They are also great for state, local and federal law enforcement agencies and first responders to store a wide variety of gear and items.

Depending on the gear you are storing, various options and configurations are available to customize the locker system. We can also provide secure storage within the locker to store items of great value. Some additional security features include: lockable safety box, lockable doors, drawer with automatic lock system and more.

Our locker systems will securely store anything you require like:

    • Weapons
    • Helmets
    • Ammo
    • Tactical Gear
    • Security equipment
    • Security boots (including wet environments)
    • Uniforms and large garments
    • Personal belongings
    • Money
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Let’s find the Locker Storage System that works for you!

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