Our Hybrid 4 Post Shelving is the smart alternative to regular shelving. Mix and match configurations!

The hybrid four-post shelving system permits both full-depth and back-to-back shelving at once: either 16-inch back-to-back shelving separated by a central divider, or 32-inch full-depth shelves. This is great for efficiently storing both larger and smaller items within the same unit. The advantages don’t stop there. There are all sorts of handy permutations you can introduce, such as hooks and supports, security doors, cabinets, or lockable drawers for added security. For added mobility and capacity, mount units on one of our mobile carriages.

With two technologies within a single post frame, you can store virtually anything. This unique patented boltless shelving concept provides two alternatives which you can mix and match: shelving system with hooks requiring no tools for shelf adjustment capable of withstanding a load capacity of up to 300 lb per shelf, and shelving systems with shelf support & reinforcements capable of withstanding a load capacity of up to 500 lb per shelf.

Hybrid 4 Post Shelving Features

  • Shelves are boltless, which offers total ease to adjust shelves’ height to match items of varying sizes – no tools required.
  • Adjustable threaded leveling feet are supplied for more stability on uneven floor surfaces.
  • Solidity and rigidity because of 16-gauge steel upright tie bars and because of 12-gauge steel longitudinal shelves supports.
  • Durable powder-coat paint finishes, preventing marks and scratches.
  • The possibility of adding fixed shelf units on mobile carts if you need more storage space.
  • Four-ply laminated shelves to reduce the risk of injury, provide more rigidity to the shelves and protect stored items.
  • Seismic brackets to add strength in zones calling out bolted and anchored shelving. (With or without Engineering calculations)

Our experienced Sales Team and CAD Design department can create a
custom layout targeting your specific needs with a comprehensive quote
for the shelving system to suit your business.

For More Information:
P: 800-699-1191
E: info@vitalvalt.com

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