You have a million file folders in your file room, but how do you find what you need?

In traditional file cabinets the tabs are located on the top and it’s normal to have three tabs across. Of course when one tab covers another – reading tabs becomes impossible. Side-tab file systems like the one pictured above offer color blocks across the shelf.

Spotting misfiles becomes as easy as finding files that break the specific color block. These filing systems can be designed for names (A-Z), numerical storage (e.g.account numbers), subject files, terminal digit filing and bar-coding.


In traditional drawer filing cabinets, just removing the time it takes to open the drawer starts the time-saving. Add the fact that color coding and index guides can shrink your search area down to inches, speeds up the search even more. Using designation tab colors can differentiate types of files. When files are out of the file cabinets/file rooms/shelves color helps you locate them on desks and tables.


Top-tab and side-tab folders are pretty much the same price. Adding color coding that cost cents per folder is as easy as typing a name label. The colors then print to the color locations which saves time over sticking multiple color-bars on a folder. Year bands assist in archiving files from the active storage area when the time is right. Other Departments can generate color index labels from the same software. Software today this mostly FREE!


Side-Tab Color coding as shown above is best done in shelving or shelf style cabinets (when doors are needed). Traditional lateral and vertical files cost between $2.00 to $7.00 per inch of storage. Shelving rarely goes over $1.00 per inch. This difference in equipment storage alone can justify a file conversion. Traditional cabinets take up more physical floor space as drawers that open require more space.


Vital Valt offers Professional Services –  File Conversions to convert filing systems from files in drawers to files in shelving. Vital Valt will work with you to analyze your current filing system and recommend a system based on needs and potential benefits for switching to a new system.

Our File Conversions specialist will implement the new system saving countless worker hours during the conversion process. Our service bureau converts top-view folders to side-view folders, taking paper out of old folders and adding them into new folders, organize file partitions by adding paper to file fasteners and file clips, and also adding labels to file folders. We convert file labeling systems to alpha, numeric, alpha-numeric or terminal digit.

We also offer File Folder Relocation Service that provides file transfers or file merges in-office or to a new facility. Vital Valt provides the file folders, supplies and the service for professional file conversions. Also now available using labels with bar codes and RFID to implement file tracking during the conversion process.

Let our experienced Team help service all your filing needs!

Call or email us today for a free survey on how you can save time, space, and become more efficient with your file storage.
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