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High Density Mobile Storage Tape Vault System

Los Angeles Movie Studio Tape Vault Shelving System

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Los Angeles is home to the movie studio industry with many film vaults or tape vaults storing all types of media, old and new in shelving systems. Los Angeles Movie Studio Tape Vault Shelving systems are available with static, fixed shelving or also on mobile carriages to compact the floor space and store a higher volume of media. Storing large volumes of media requires a large footprint and with space at a premium in the Hollywood area on movie lots, film studios and production company’s, compacting aisles with High Density Mobile Shelving makes the most sense to save floor space…

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High Density Shelving for Athletic Departments

Athletic Equipment Storage Southern California

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Athletic Departments at Universities, High Schools and also for Professional Sporting teams must store equipment broken out and also boxed with various shapes and sizes including helmets & shoulder pads for football, jersey’s, shoes & socks for all teams, baseball gloves, bats and helmets. Mobile Storage Systems with locking doors help secure a wide variety of athletic gear securely. Pictured below is a recent Southern California Athletic Equipment Storage installation. Secure Athletic Equipment Storage Southern California With the high cost of athletic gear, Secure Storage Solutions are a must to provide secure storage protecting valuables. Securing sections of shelving with…

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Why Do Restaurants Use Stainless Steel Shelving?

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Stainless steel has been widely used for production of cutlery for decades. It is made of iron with minimum 10.5% chromium. Other elements can also be added to affect the properties of steel. Commonly used metal ones are nickel, molybdenum, titanium and copper. Non-metals, such as carbon and nitrogen are also often added. Main characteristic of stainless steel is corrosion-resistance and that is why it has found applications in the food industry, including restaurants and kitchens. Let’s see why many opt for stainless steel shelving. Stainless steel shelving is hygienic Stainless steel has numerous advantages over other materials. It has…

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Health Insurer Anthem Hit by Hackers


Breach Gets Away With Names, Social Security Numbers of Customers, Employees By ANNA WILDE MATHEWS and DANNY YADRON | Wall Street Journal — Anthem Inc., the country’s second-biggest health insurer, said hackers broke into a database containing personal information for about 80 million of its customers and employees in what is likely to be the largest data breach disclosed by a health-care company. Investigators are still determining the extent of the incursion, which was discovered last week, and Anthem said it is likely that “tens of millions” of records were stolen. The health insurer said the breach exposed names, birthdays,…

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Man Standing at Edge of Giant File Cabinets

Advantages & Disadvantages of Traditional File Organization


by Gregory Hamel, Demand Media, Houston Chronicle — Small businesses accumulate various types of data, such as financial information related to revenues and expenses and data about employees, customers and vendors. Traditional file organization describes storing data in paper files, within folders and filing cabinets. Electronic file organization is a common alternative to paper filing; each system has its benefits and drawbacks. Data Security Traditional file organization has security advantages over electronic filing, but it also has its disadvantages. Electronic files are usually accessible on a network, which means it’s possible for an unauthorized person to gain access to electronic…

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