Fabric rolls, textiles, rugs and upholsteries are large, heavy and difficult to store.

Our textile and fabric storage system will maximize your floor space and make it easy to quickly access and retrieve materials. Increase your storage capacity with our storage systems in a smaller footprint than traditional fabric racks.

Our storage system will preventing accidents and injuries from transporting heavy rolls and improve workplace safety.

Our fabric storage system allowed this fabric supplier to move half of his inventory into the same room that was already full. That savings allowed the supplier to get back a showroom that was taken over by storage. This allows customers to see the fabric potentially increasing their sales.

What could you do with new found floor space and or extra storage space?

We can help. This project had no added shelving. We used what they had. What do you have so that we can help you?
Space savings and productivity increases are common results with our professional design concepts. Contact Us!

Let our experienced Sales Team help find the best storage system for your space.


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