When choosing a mobile storage system it is important to consider the following factors makes it much easier to choose the right type of storage solution for you:

  • Amount of available space and how it is laid out
  • Physical format of the items being stored
  • Quantity of stored items – both now and in the future
  • How workers will access the information
  • Security & compliance requirements
  • Safety features

Our mobile storage systems offer your organization the flexibility to customize your high-density storage systems to keep up with your unique needs. Easily access and mobilize your items with it’s unique mechanism enabling you to effortlessly move the system. These systems work with all types of items: books, archive boxes, sporting gear, artwork, tires, automotive parts or legal evidence, our systems offer inspired alternatives for objects of any weight and size.

When choosing a mobile storage system – there are 3 ways to operate mobile shelving systems and create access aisles, manually with a fixed handle, with a mechanical assistance 3 spoke ergonomic handle or electrically with the push of a button. With a turn of a handle (mechanical assistance), a push of a button (electric) or a gentle push (manual), a high density mobile aisle movable storage system will greatly increase your storage density & reduce the footprint of your storage.

Our high-density mobile shelving systems enable you to recover 50% of your floor space or double your storage capacity. Unlike conventional systems with fixed aisles, our mobile shelving systems allow you to close up aisles when you don’t need to access them; this eliminates wasted areas and optimizes your space. Our various mobile shelving products can be mounted on the mobile carriages according to your requirements.

From small offices to large warehouses, our versatile, practical shelving systems will make more productive use of your valuable space.

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By mounting shelving units on movable carriages, this system eliminates the need for multiple aisles. You can utilize your existing shelving or storage cabinets with the High Density System or select from a wide range of storage options. Then – with a push of a button – access the specific area needed.

Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving Systems give you the flexibility to customize your shelving while optimizing your capacity. Whatever your industry, and whatever you need to find space for, Mechanical Assist Mobile Shelving Systems will make the most of your shelving capacity.

Manual Assist Mobile Shelving Systems are a simple and cost-effective storage solution. The systems slide on fixed tracks which have been carefully designed to ensure the smoothest motion. Multiple panels can be pulled out at once, making these products far more practical and efficient than systems that only permit access to one panel at a time.

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