Office & Warehouse Storage Trends 2020

As we progress into 2020, these are the trends dominating the storage industry.

Dynamic Flexibility incorporates an entirely new generation of movable, multi-functional, lightweight, and ergonomic elements designed to fit any space and purpose.

Gone are the days when heavy, bulky furniture and technology dictated what could and could not be achieved in a space. It allows for complete transformations of environments from meeting room to podcast studio, to production area, to a quiet, semi-private space in the blink of an eye. From movable walls and lightweight mobile furniture, to adjustable lighting and technology, these spaces allow employees to transform rooms in an instant.

Dynamic meeting/work office areas

Sustainable / Green Design is the integration of recycled, sustainably sourced, and green building materials into a space.

It puts an emphasis on energy efficiency, environmental conservation and ecological compliance in order to reduce their carbon footprint as well as create a more harmonious work environment.

 All modular casework contain
recycled content

Vertical Warehouses The worlds rise in the e-commerce market has led to increased demand for warehouse storage facilities. As land in major cities has become scarce and expensive, rental rates for logistics spaces are expected to increase 5%-10% in the next few years. As a measure to counter this, developers are adding more floors to warehouse units.

With Internet retailing gaining a strong foothold in both urban and rural areas of the country, it becomes imperative for companies to step up supply facilities and invest in warehouses and storage businesses.

Add stairs to any catwalk or mezzanine

Indoor Farming is the practice of growing produce in vertical stacks using soil, hydroponics or aeroponics to deliver water and nutrients to the plants.

Indoor Farming will become far more popular as new technology enables greens and fresh produce to be produced in urban environments with minimal space and the use of less water than a traditional farm. Millions are being invested globally in indoor urban farms because of their promise to produce more food with less impact.

Multi-level indoor gardening

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