Created to provide additional certainty and safety monitoring once our high-density powered mobile storage systems are installed, we now offer ePulse™. This remote monitoring & configuration software has the functionality of providing the capability to manage settings remotely and monitor your high-density powered mobile system’s performance and operations with assurance. If remote network connectivity access is granted, certified technicians could monitor and configure your system remotely from their own location.

For maximum reliability and peace of mind, ePulse™ proactively identifies any potential issues with your system, provides quick diagnostics of the system to maximize your uptime, sends automatic email notifications of system errors. You could even decide to monitor and configure your own powered mobile system 24 hours a day, every day of the year. To increase productivity & efficiency, ePulse™ allows to collect aisle entry data for any preset period of time from your powered mobile system.

Once this data is analyzed for each aisle, ePulse™ permits to reconfigure your powered mobile system to your preferred settings. For additional security, with the collected & analyzed aisle entry data from your powered mobile system, ePulse™ allows to reconfigure the security settings of your system at anytime. Whether it be adjusting the programmable speeds, or remotely configuring your system to close all aisles and lock at a specific time after business hours, or open and unlock before business hours, ePulse™ offers security with peace of mind.

Contact us to upgrade to a Smart Electric Storage System.

Something that you can control from your desktop PC or the palm of your hand.

Our powered systems can be operated and reconfigured remotely to your preferred settings and parameters, from the
fingertips on your computer with the ePulse™.

Here are its programmable settings:

  • PIN Code Management
  • Programmable Speeds (startup, cruising, braking)
  • Aisle Spacing
  • Main Priority Aisle
  • Auto Spacing | Ventilation/Fire Park
  • Auto Closing | Security Park
  • Sequential Move or Block Move
  • Override Mode
  • Language, Date & Time
  • Customized Messages on LCD Displays
  • Programmable Inputs & Outputs (Building Interface: Fire/Sprinkler System, Security / Alarm System, Lighting)
  • Programmable Aisles & Shelves Lighting
  • Motor Overload Sensitivity
  • Aisle Entry Data Logging
  • Computer Interface
  • Warehouse Management Software Interface (WMS)

and more…

Our experienced Sales Team and CAD Design department can create a custom layout with a comprehensive quote for the storage solution to suit your specific needs.

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