Professional Services are the backbone of any good business. Vital Valt takes great pride in providing top quality service to customers ranging from the planning, installation, maintenance or relocation of a storage system.

Our professional services are highly specialized and with that we offer well over 100 years worth of experience and are a licensed contractor (#701914) in the State of California.

Vital Valt offers high density storage system installation service to assemble mobile shelving systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, fixed shelving systems, rotary files, modular caseworks, and other various high density storage systems.

With Seismic Zone 4 requirements for assembly, Vital Valt’s factory certified high density storage system installation service teams utilize seismic anti-tip track on all compact shelving systems. Movable shelving systems are anchored to the floor with approved anchors.

The following images show a High Density Storage System Installation for an HR Department. It will store all HR documents and files. The system was installed on the second floor in an office building. Our structural engineer reviewed the weight loads to find the floor could not hold the system. Therefore our team reinforced above the floor with structural tubes to support the system.

Tubes are installed under the track to reinforce the floor above the concrete.
If you cannot get to the floor from the ceiling below the storage system consider contacting us to do it right!

Our experienced Sales Team and CAD Design department can create a custom layout with a comprehensive quote for the storage solution to suit your specific needs.

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