Vital Valt Speedcell Storage Solutions - Warehouse fulfillment

SpeedCell® Storage Solutions

SpeedCell Storage is a totally new way of looking at pallet racking and pick module space. With SpeedCell you can transform your warehouse, distribution center, factory, manufacturing & production areas, back-room storage, or any other business area where you want to add more efficient storage or fulfillment.

E-commerce platforms and businesses from apparel to outdoor stores have transformed their storage capabilities with SpeedCell Storage Solutions. They have increased their storage capacities up to 60%, reduced travel time and found a suspended lightweight and flexible, yet sturdy and built-to-last innovative solution that has turned their dead space into far more efficient pick space.

Hanging compartment sizes with up to 40 lb capacity per individual cell or 240 lbs per vertical column gives fast access to quick moving parts.

SpeedCartt is a fast modular picking cart to supplement your order fulfillment, restocking, seasonal demands and more.

The unique design of SpeedCell storage solution is efficient and cost-effective.

  • Multiply storage capacities up to 60%
  • Reduce travel time and reduce labor costs up to 40%
  • Get more SKUs in less space with greater picking efficiency
  • Customizable for unique product specs
  • Lightweight & flexible yet sturdy and built to last
  • Swag, Video Tapes, Clothing, Shoe Storage, Drug Storage… You store it we can help!
Vital Valt Speedcell Storage Solutions - fulfillment storage
Vital Valt Speedcell Storage Solutions - cost efficient storage
Vital Valt Speedcell Storage Solutions - Fulfillment Warehouse Cart
Vital Valt Speedcell Storage Solutions - Apparel Storage
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