Public Safety Storage Systems

Vital Valt provides Public Safety storage solutions that include weapon storage, evidence storage, forensic storage and more.

Combat Weapon Racks

  • Weapon Racks can be implemented as free standing shelving with weapon rack inserts for rifles and pistols/hand guns.
  • Weapon Racks also are available in cabinet style for more secure environments with triple locks and the ability to add ammo lockers, gear lockers and changing components as your weapon requirements change over time.
  • Weapon Shelving systems store weapons for both duty weapons and also in evidence vaults providing a modular, component based system that allows for the storage of all weapon types simply by adjusting components to the right setting.
  • Configurations available for duty weapons, weapon evidence storage & forensic firearm laboratories.

File Storage

Evidence Storage

Law Libraries

  • Contribute directly to the reduction of storage related costs
  • Create new space availability inside existing facilities
  • Increase the overall efficiency of secure storage and records management
  • Solutions for various departments

Duty Lockers

Filing Supplies

GSA Storage Systems

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Vital Valt is a GSA Certified Contractor, supplying GSA Storage Systems from various manufacturers. What does this mean? Schedules, also known as Federal Supply Schedules, and Multiple Award Schedules (MAS),...
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Temperature Controlled Lockers

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Temperature Controlled Lockers Temperature Controlled Lockers ensure your storage is not exposed to fluctuating temperatures & preserved properly. Our climate controlled storage lockers are perfect for environmentally sensitive items such...
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Locker Storage

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Lockers Storage Systems have a wide variety of features and functionality. Storage Lockers are used in so many applications - secure belongings for immediate access, short-term or long-term storage to...
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Workbenches: Increase Productivity and Optimize Workflow

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Workbenches Increase Productivity & Optimize Workflow Workbenches in the office and industrial spaces require a specialized configuration to meet your unique storage requirements. Vital Valt offers a plethora of workbenches...
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