Mobile Storage Systems condense your storage footprint by eliminating aisles. Users can retrieve items from any shelf by simply turning the ergonomic hand cranks. No matter how heavy the inventory you stock on a shelving unit, it only takes a single pound of pressure to operate the hand crank.

Montel’s MOBILEX® mechanical-assist mobile storage systems offer your organization the flexibility to customize your high-density storage systems to keep up with your unique needs. Easily access and mobilize your items with its unique mechanism enabling you to effortlessly move multiple carriages at once.

MOBILEX® systems are dedicated to the highest standards of quality for optimizing space utilization. They are available for three types of systems: manual, mechanical, and electrical and can accommodate on their carriages a variety of our various shelving systems as well as an extensive line of cabinets and shelving accessories. With our signature high-density movable storage system, get the flexibility you need to customize your shelving while optimizing your capacity.

MOBILEX® storage systems include SafeCrank Technology. A push-button lock to prevent carriage movement while in use. To activate the system, simply rotate the SafeCrank handle clockwise or counterclockwise. By pressing the safety push-button in the center of the handle, the SafeCrank handle can be locked or unlocked. Once locked, the handle immobilizes the open mobile aisle.

MobileX® Features:

  • The smoothest operating system in the industry due to spherically designed double flanged load wheels which reduce friction.
  • Large selection safety and security devices and features, such as automatic locking mechanism & controlled acceleration & deceleration, as well as off-site monitoring & infrared sensors.
  • Aluminum sub-rail designed for use in a corrosive concrete environment.
  • Designed to perform in a seismic zone.
  • Electrical systems always operational even during power failures.
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