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Cabinet Style Shelving

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With our  Cabinet Style Shelving, you can make your operations better organized and more productive. And that’s not all...this system is compatible with our mobile carriages, opening up further storage possibilities. Our Cabinet Storage is highly durable and has a modern aesthetic design that blends naturally within any office environment. These systems are adjustable and can be custom fitted to the specific storage or filing requirements. Plus - it features locking devices that provides a secure storage for all your confidential records or objects. This Shelving is available as fixed, free-standing shelving or can be mounted to high density mobile...
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Legal Storage Solutions: When Information Organization is Essential

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Legal Storage Solutions: When Information Organization is Essential Vital Valt is a leader in all kinds of storage solutions designed to save space, look great and keep you organized! Law firms have the day to day challenge of gearing up for court, briefings and meetings in-house. Central to attorney’s success is the ability to locate the right file exactly when they need it. File storage for law firms can encompass a simple fixed shelving system or a high density shelving system for larger firms. Finding files and finding them when you need them is vital to the success of attorney’s...
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