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Vital Valt specializes in material handling, high density mobile shelving, filing storage systems, automated storage and retrieval systems, shelving systems, multi-media storage systems, mail room equipment, fully modular weapons storage and other storage products for offices and warehouses.

GSA Pricing available for Filing, Storage & Material Handling Systems 

Our Products

High Density Mobile Storage Systems concept is to create collapsible aisles with carriages that roll from side to side in your space, minimizing the amount of aisle space required with traditional fixed storage shelving.
Lockers Storage Systems have a wide variety of features and functionality. Storage Lockers are used in so many applications – secure belongings for immediate access, short-term or long-term storage.
Modular Casework Solutions are versatile millwork cabinetry systems with shelves, doors, drawers and bins that can be reconfigured at any time.
Charging Cabinets securely store and charge laptops, PDAs, cell phones, tablets, radios, cameras, tasers, hand-helds and more. With power available to charge multimedia devices and a roll-out work-shelf, these fully welded cabinets offer a solution for secure storage.
Shelving Storage Systems offer a wide variety of storage whether you are storing file folders, archive boxes, bin boxes for parts, modular drawers, tool & dies, and many other applications. Below you will find different shelving storage systems Vital Valt offers to help meet all storage applications.
With our mobile and static Vertical Growing and Farming Systems every aspect of your indoor grow, from temperature and relative humidity to lighting and fertigation can be controlled to a high degree regardless of variable weather outside.
Warehouse Storage Systems help optimize the flow of materials through your warehouse reducing wasted space and increasing profitability. Shelving with bin boxes or totes, modular drawer cabinets for parts and tools, and automated systems like vertical carouselvertical lift modules & horizontal carousels all expand the productivity inside warehouses.
Our Security Cages are ideal for data center computer security cages, office supply and document storage, and retail theft prevention, yet still provides an easily installed solution for traditional tool cribs and warehouse security applications.
Here you will find a comprehensive listing of the Vital Valt Storage Equipment Systems we offer. While you may be looking for one specific type of storage system, keep in mind that we specialize in many types of product design and implementations.

Industries & Markets

There is a high need for secure Automotive Storage Systems with easy access to parts and equipment  Automotive Dealers have the similar storage requirements but different rooms requiring design and planning.
Bio-Medical Storage Systems will consist of a wide array of storage applications and systems as the attention to detail required for government regulation dominates every aspect in this market. 
Every business has the challenge to balance floor space for personnel, storage requirements of both the office space and warehouse space. Retrieval can be enhanced with the proper storage system design.
Hospitals in California know the drill, seismic renovations or new construction to meet seismic codes require a sturdy safe and secure solution for Healthcare Filing & Storage Systems.
Military Storage Systems. Military bases and other government agencies have many types of storage applications that require expert analysis to properly store and secure sensitive materials. Military Storage Systems require attention to detail to store a wide variety of items.
Vital Valt offers space efficient School Storage Systems to not only save space but store the highest density of material possible given all of the types of storage required in K-12, colleges & universities.
Architect Storage Systems. Designing space to include Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) for design build projects requires knowledge of the systems available and how to best utilize space to meet the client’s storage requirements.
Material Handling Storage Systems are designed to improve productivity and decrease the amount of physical floor space require.
Here is just a few of the main Markets & Industries we serve and provide storage products & professional services to. The applications and implementation of each storage system offered on our Web site are tailored to meet your specific requirements in the space you have available.

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