Maximize your growing space. Increase your production area and optimize the working space between your benches. Our precisely engineered single-tier and double-tier mobile benches provide a better work environment because of their unique accessibility, safety and ergonomic qualities.


  • Basil, mint, oregano and other herbs
  • Cannabis and marijuana
  • Potted plants
  • Orchids, cyclamen and kalanchoe
  • Young plants
  • Bulbs
  • Tree seadlings
  • Spathiphyllum, calathea, poinsettia and calandiva
  • Begonias, roses and chrysanthemum
  • Cactus


  • Research facility
  • Greenhouses
  • Hydroponic growers
  • Aquaponic facilities
  • Agriculture in controlled environments
  • Vegetation rooms
  • Building-integrated agriculture
  • Permaculture facilities
  • Tree farms
  • Foliage nurseries
  • Cloning rooms


  • Installations provide literal tons of holding power, which can carry more plants but also water reservoirs, fuse boxes, fans, hoses and other equipment.
  • Robust systems can bear the weight of multiple tiers, making possible to expand later as your market grows. Build in phases and take full advantage of your vertical space.
  • Efficiency and no waste of money. Use every square foot of heated, cooled and lighted space for greater energy efficiency.
  • Mobile benches maximize production with a potential growing capacity increase of up to 37% versus traditional rolling benches.

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