The listed GSA contracts cover shelving, mobile shelving, automated storage & retrieval systems, rotary files, fire proof files, cabinets, ladders and services and Combat Weapon Storage Systems.

Products under GSA contract include but are not limited to:

  • State of California
  • All government agencies can purchase these products under contract at the lowest negotiated price as outlined by GSA Advantage
  • More GSA information is available at the following location

All product categories under GSA contract will have a GSA logo located below the main heading. These pages are the index pages for categories; individual product pages do not have GSA logos.

Please contact us for specific GSA pricing and availability by filling out one of our feedback forms for specific products.

Our GSA specialist will assist you in your pricing request.



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GSA Certified Contractor - Vital Valt
GSA Certified Dealer - GSA Contract - GSA Approved

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