Combat Weapon Racks

Combat Weapon Storage

Combat Weapon Racks store all past, present and future weapon systems including rifles & shotguns, crew-served weapons, mortars, machine guns, miniguns, sniper rifles, pistols and tasers. Our fully slotted back panel system design allows for rapid reconfiguration of individual components to meet a changing inventory or various weapon system height requirements.

We have a variety of kitted NSN Weapon Storage Racks available through DLA. Our NSN Weapon Storage Racks are pre-certified for use in arms rooms with no inspection of the racks required prior to use. Procure with funded requisitions through normal DOD supply system.

Combat Weapon Racks are available in a variety of configurations with our full height or stackable weapon racks as free-standing or installed on mobile carriages. Combat Weapon Racks have been installed in fixed arms rooms, portable armories, air transport planes, Conex Box, TRICON Container, as well as ships.

Combat Weapon Rack Features:

Locking System
10 point locking system v 9 point locking system. Our 10 point locking system has 8 internal lock rods that secure the 4 piece door to the interior frame of the weapon storage cabinet with 2 pad lock hasps on the door. Our 9 point locking system also has 8 internal lock rods inside but only has one pad lock hasp on the door, requiring only one pad lock to access weapons.

Reverse Bi-Folding Doors
Our reverse bi-folding door is a 4 piece door with the inner leaf opening outward on top of the outer leaf and then flexing out from the corner of the weapon storage cabinet. This allows for access to half the weapons with the doors folded in half on top of each other. Competitive systems with bi-folding doors only allow for interior access with the doors sticking straight out 9.5″ from the face of the cabinet or sticking out to the sides of the cabinet, obstructing adjacent cabinets or wall space. Retractable door cabinets have reduced storage capacity with doors receding into the cabinet frame and taking valuable interior storage space away from your weapons.

Fully Slotted Back Panel
Combat Weapon Racks feature fully slotted back panels in every weapon rack. We do not offer a weapon rack with partial slotting of the back panel that locks you into set configurations or heights for storage. Every single Combat Weapon Rack features a fully slotted, reinforced back panel, with 1″ adjustments for components that is pre-punched to bolt our weapon rack to the wall or back to back to another weapon rack.

Individually Adjustable Barrel Saddles & Weapon Holders
Combat Weapon Racks feature individually adjustable barrel saddles for each weapon stored vertically. This means barrel saddles can be adjusted to store two different height weapons side by side without being locked in with a shared barrel saddle system that poorly accommodates differing height weapon systems. Combat Weapon Racks also feature adjustable weapon holders to secure the buttstock of vertical weapons as they are stored. Our weapon holders offer insteps to angle the weapons towards or away from the back panel of the weapon rack based on the attachments mounted to your weapons.

Multiple NSN Weapon Storage Rack Heights
Combat Weapon Racks offers NSN Weapon Storage Racks with 3 different heights available. Arms rooms vary from armory to armory and depending on your height clearance and overhead obstructions you may require a full height (85″ H), mid-tier height (76″ H) or a stackable weapon rack (44″ H). Weapon capacities for weapon rack heights can vary as some weapon types can not be double tiered due to height considerations.

Combat Weapon Racks are available in multiple heights, widths and depths with custom sizes available when projects require product manufactured to a specific size.

We offer 50 Weapon Rack National Stock Numbers with popular configurations kitted. All of our NSN Weapon Racks have individually adjustable barrel saddles allowing you to mix and match different weapon systems in the same weapon rack.

Please contact us for any configuration questions, site survey requests or for pricing

A list of all 50 NSN Weapon Storage Racks we offer is available here.

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