Combat High Density Weapon Racks

Combat Weapon Storage
Combat High Density Weapon Racks store all past, present and future weapon systems including rifles & shotguns, crew-served weapons, mortars, machine guns, miniguns, sniper rifles, pistols and tasers. Our fully slotted back panel system design allows for rapid reconfiguration of individual components to meet a changing inventory or various weapon system height requirements.

Combat High Density Weapon Racks perforated reverse bi-folding steel security door allows for a visual inventory of weapons systems with the doors closed and optimal retrieval of weapons with doors able to fold in half flush to the weapon rack. Handle inserts in the door provide an ease of use for opening and closing doors without handles sticking off the weapon rack.

Components include saddles for barrels, horizontal mounts, adjustable weapon holders, spare barrel supports, pistol pegs, adjustable shelves and bins for multiple storage requirements. All components can be configured individually for independent adjustability inside the rack, offering the maximum efficiency, adaptability and storage capacity in a small footprint. We also offer hand gun lockers for individual security requirements.

Combat High Density Weapon Racks are available with a 9 or 10 point locking system meeting OPNAVINST 5530.13C & AR 190-11 for arms storage requirements. Our 10 point locking system is an industry best, with several competing systems offering 3 point locking systems, which is equal to a standard storage cabinet.

Combat High Density Weapon Racks are available in multiple heights, widths and depths with custom sizes available when projects require product manufactured to a specific size.

We offer 50 Weapon Rack National Stock Numbers with popular configurations kitted. All of our NSN Weapon Racks have individually adjustable barrel saddles allowing you to mix and match different weapon systems in the same weapon rack.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation site survey to go over your storage requirements. Our expert system designers are standing by to help implement the most efficient, space effective armory design available.

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