Stainless Steel Tables & Benches

Cleanroom & Laboratory Tables & Benches are extremely versatile and allow you to reconfigure, add-on, or break-down product as your needs change over time.

These modular laminar flow cleanroom benches & tables achieve Class 100/ISO 5 adherence for use in your laboratory, testing facility &/or manufacturing facility.


  • ISO Compliant Cleanroom:  ISO 14644-4 specifies the requirements for the design and construction of the clean room facilities
  • Cleanroom tables feature easy-to-wipe down surfaces, eliminating particles & bacteria
  • Solid, perforated, or rod tops facilitate laminar flow
  • Cleanroom workbenches feature a variety of work surfaces that offer chemical and microbe resistance
  • Gown rooms or environmentally controlled changing areas are essential for cleanrooms. These gown rooms are typically outfitted with cleanroom benches and cleaning stations


Vital Valt integrates a wide variety of cleanroom components to help satisfy the requirements of your particular application.

Our experienced Sales Team and CAD Design department can create a custom layout targeting your specific needs with a comprehensive quote for the shelving system to suit your business.  Please fill out our feedback form for more information.

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